Start / Pause / Stop / Reset your race

Start the race

  1. Go to the race page in the app
  2. Click TO START
  3. Make sure that the settings matches you preferences
  4. Wait for a good GPS signal
    (all four stacks should be filled and turn green)
  5. Click START
  6. The race is activated - go go go!

If you have made sure that your phone has the correct settings you will be able to lock your phone before you put it away. If it is unlocked there is a risk that you might pause the race by accident - and your result will be wrong and in worst case invalid.

Pause the race

It is not possible to pause a time race - a race where the goal is to get as far as possible during a specific amount of time.
It is not possible to pause a race where you have to follow a specific track.

  1. During an ongoing race, click PAUSE RACE
  2. The race is now paused, and you can exit the app or close the race page
  3. When you are good to go, click CONTINUE

Finish the race

When you have reached the set distance of the race.
You will only have to do this if you have the setting STOP MANUALLY

  1. Click FINISH
  2. Confirm that you want to finish the race

Stop the race

If you have not reached the race distance, but will not be able to finish the race.
If you are looking for pausing the race, follow the instructions under "Pause the race".

  1. Click CANCEL RACE
  2. You will get the options to:
    a) Cancel the race
    b) Cancel the race AND remove the result
    c) Go back and continue the race

    If you chose option B, the race is reset and you will be able to restart the race later.
    If you chose option A, you will have to remove the result yourself if you decide to give the race another try (see the information under RESET THE RACE)
  3. Confirm your choice

Reset the race

If you want to cancel the race and give it another try.

How to reset an ongoing race:

  1. Click CANCEL RACE
  3. Confirm your choice

How to reset a race where you have a registered result

  1. Go to the race page in the app
  2. Click YOUR RESULT
  3. Chose the option REMOVE YOUR RESULT

Important information!
It is only possible to start a race during the race active period. When a race is finished you will only be able to register a result manually.
Information about registering and editing your result

Psst.. You do not have to restart the race as soon as the reset is done!

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