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Virtual races - step-by-step

Step #1
Create an account and log in

Download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Create an account by logging in through Facebook, Apple or Google - or add your email address.

If you decide to use the email address you will get to chose a password when clicking "Continue with email".

If you chose any of the other options your account will get your email through the service of choice.

When logged in, you will be directed to the start page of the app.

  1. FAQ & support
  2. Search
  3. To the start page
  4. To the race view
  5. Profile / Settings

Step #2
Register as a participant

On the race page inside the app, you will see the following bar:

If BUY BIB is visible - and you have not bought a race ticket - you will need to do this to proceed

Go to the race page in the app and click

You will be asked to submit one or more of the following:

  • TEAM

Add the information needed and click SAVE to proceed.

The race code is a "password" that the organizer will provide for you.
If you have not received a race code yet - please contact the organizer for more information.

Step #3
Race and phone settings

Before the race we recommend that you go through the available settings - both for the race itself and on your device. Some phone brands might require more attention to the settings - as a Huawei owner it is extra important that you will have a look at our article about these settings.

Phone settings and information about GPS quality

Race settings

You will find the race setting in the race view that you find by clicking RACE at the bottom of the start page or by clicking TO START from the race page.

    This setting is available through clicking START. The current setting is marked with a green background.
    This setting is available through clicking FINISH. The current setting is marked with a green background. Do note, on a time race - only the automatic finish is available.
    This setting is available through clicking the settings icon to the right on the row where the race title is located.

Step #4
Time to race

Good to know!
If you prefer to leave your device at home, it is possible to manually add a result after the race - as long as the organizer approves.
Information about managing your result

Before you start the race, please make sure the your device has the correct settings.

When you are ready to go, you will reach the race view though RACE at the bottom of the start page or by clicking TO START on the race page.

  1. Double check the race settings
  2. Wait for a good GPS signal - all four stacks should be filled and turn green
  3. Click START
  4. The race is now started and you can get going.
    If you have the correct settings you will be able to lock/turn off the screen of your device before outting it away

Good luck!

It is possible to pause almost all available races - read more about this in the next step

Step #5
Finish or pause the race

If you chose the automatic finish settings, the app will end the race as soon as you reach the goal distance.

When you are done with your activity and have reached the goal distans - or longer - you should click FINISH and confirm that you want to pass the finish line.

Important information!
It is not possible to pause a time race or a race where you follow a specific track on a map in the app.
If/when you want to pause your activity you click PAUSE RACE. When you are ready to continue the race you click CONTINUE.

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