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Getting started

First of all, you need to download the app from App Store or Google play, create an account and sign in.

When this is done you can find the quiz by using the search function.

Before you are able to start a quiz you need to be a registered participant. Click JOIN RACE and fill in requested information if asked. Go to the race view by clicking TO START where you will be able to start the quiz. Click the start button when you are ready to go!

For a detailed instruction of how to get started - check out this article:

If you are doing a RaceONE quiz, the quiz is a 30 min activity and you will get 10 questions during the quiz. Some of them might be read to you, but you will be able to read them all on your phone and you will get a push message with sound that tells you to open the app. You have to submit an answer before the answering timer runs out!


I do not get any questions!

You need to make sure that you keep on moving! The questions will not pop up if you stay too long in the same position.
Also, you will have to use the app during your activity - you will not get any questions if you register a result manually.


I get the questions as push messages, but they are not read to me

Please note
Not all questions are automatically read to you. If the question is NOT supposed to be read, the voice will inform you that you have a question waiting for you and that you should open the app.

A restart of the app should always be your first step, and make sure that you have the latest version available.
If the problem persists you should restart your phone. This is not something that most of us do very often, but it tends to fix many problems within the phone itself and its apps.


I am unhappy about the quality of the voice

There are other voices available - both male and female.
If you have an iPhone you are able to chose an improved version of the original.

Do not that an automated voice will not be able to match a real one.




Not finding the solution to your problem?

Check out the full FAQ here:

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