Virtual races in RaceONE

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is just like any other race. But just not quite the same. We live in a time when we have to do things a little differently than usual. The idea of virtual races was born from the current situation where circumstances prevent us from arranging and participating in traditional runs. This way you can still experience the feeling of preparing for your upcoming performance, the adrenaline rush when as the race starts, and finally enjoy the euphoric sensation of crossing the finish line and see how you, and even those you competed with, performed. All you need is a smart phone!

Complete a virtual race in three different ways.

Run where you want, when it suits you.

This has become the most common form of virtual race this year due to the recommendations to restrict travel. You sign up for a race with a specific distance, for example 5K, 10K, 21K or 42K. You choose a day and time that suits you in a given time period and run a route of your own choosing that corresponds to the race’s distance.

Run where you want at a specific time.

In contrast to the run described above, the organiser for this type of race chooses a specific time for the start, for example Saturday at 10 AM. This means all registered runners will start at the same time, but it is still possible to run at a location of your choice.

Run a predetermined distance at any time.

For this type, you run a predetermined distance that is uploaded using a gpx file. With this option, all participants run the same distance, but can choose to run it at a time that suits the individual runner.

No matter how the race is arranged, you compete against others, just as usual; the only difference is that you are not in the same place at the same time.

The participant experience in focus

When you start the race in the app, you hear a start signal, and then it's a race against time. While you are running, regardless of the type of race, you will receive push notifications on the phone telling you how fast you are going and how you are doing in relation to the other runners. Family and friends who are not onsite can follow you and cheer on you along the course, see how fast you run and where you are along the trail, thanks to our live tracking.

After completing the race, you can easily share your race, how it went and share a photo from the race if you wish. At the same time, the organiser receives a complete results list without any extra administrative work. How did your run compare to the other contestants’?

You can easily arrange your own race!

Whether you want to arrange a race for your club, your company or offer anyone who might be interested the chance to participate in an open race, RaceONE has the solution for you. With extensive experience, over 300 races and 30,000 participants over the past 6 months, they continue to expand outside of Sweden.

You can now arrange your own race using an effective administration tool. You manage the race and invite all your running friends to join your run. Payment is per participant, which means you never pay for more than you need.

Now you can go from idea to race in less than 5 minutes - despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

Become an organizer!

Participate in virtual races - step-by-step guide

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