How to follow a participant

To be able to follow a participant, you need the following:

- Download the app RaceONE and create accounts
The follower and the participant both needs to have active accounts and the app downloaded on their phone. Creating accounts is done in a few seconds from when you start the app for the first time.

- The race needs to be in the app
Contact our support if you are unable to find it, and we will get in touch with the organizer.

- The participant has to register as a participant on the race within the app
When on the race page in the app this is done by clicking "Join race". Fill in the requested information and confirm. Some races require a race code or a race ticket, if you are unsure about this, please contact our support and we will help you further.

- The follower has to follow the participant
As soon as the participant has finished his registration you will be able to find him/her on the start list. Click on "Follow" next to their name to activate the follow funtion. You can see if the participant is going to use the app and gps. A read box with the text "GPS" will be visible below the participants image in the list of participants. If this is not visible next to your participant we will not be able to give the followers live information about the participant

- The participant has to activate the race in the app and have their phone with them during the whole race
If the participant does not do this, we will not be able to get their position and thus are unable to share this with the followers. Some race we do have an integration with, which makes us able to share the official splits with the follower. However, you will miss out on all the fun you get from cheering live in the app, sharing photos, chatting and much more - so we really recommend that the both of you use the app during the race.


We do have races within the app that are all free to follow, but som races do cost to be able to do this. 

If you follow many different participants that race quite often, we do recommend that you go for the premium subscription instead. You can read more about premium here:
PREMIUM - everything you need to know

DISCLAIMER Some races are not included in the premium subscription.

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