Why didn’t the GPS tracking work?

A smartphone can have multiple apps running simultaneously, but the more apps you have running the more memory will be used. When you open a new app the other apps can be put in “idle” mode to make sure your newest app have the performace that you expect. The operating system might close the RaceONE app if other apps are opened or memory drains by other background apps. If you activate your race and then open several other apps (social media, camera, mail, etc), this will lead to RaceONE getting lower priority and eventually killed by the system. So make sure that RaceONE is the last app you use before you start your race.

On iOS you must make sure that RaceONE runs in the background, so do not swipe away (close) the app, since that will shut down the application and gps tracking will not work.
Some vendors also have some power efficiency saving modes. For example  Sony ultra stamina mode or  Sony doze mode on iOS the call it  Low power mode. Please make sure that all power saving is switched off.
Also make sure that the RaceONE app is added to approved apps to be used in the background when the screen is turned off. For example Huawei has a "protected apps" settings that needs to be enabled to allow the app to keep running when the screen is turned off.
  • Go to Settings from the Home screen
  • Tap Advanced Settings
  • Tap Battery Manager
  • Now, click on the “Protected apps”
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