Price for using RaceONE


RaceONE, as an app, is free to use, and it does not cost anything to create an account.


We have options for every type of user.

Every month we make sure to have a few all free races.

Some races are free from our side to participate in, but the organizer might charge a fee and sell start tickets - so it is always good to read available information.

We offer many premium races and challenges where you have to be a PREMIUM member to take part of the content.
You are able to purchase PREMIUM for 1 month / 3 months / 12 months at the time and you can read more about all available benefits here:

PREMIUM - everything you need to know


For many of the races you will have to make a single purchase to follow a participant. This differ from race to race.

If you follow many participants you will benefit from choosing a PREMIUM membership instead, where you will get unlimited followings during your time as a PREMIUM member.

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